Chapter 35 5.1 Bug

So I encountered a bug the first small level after the 5th major level in Chapter 5. I killed King Louie but he still remained in battle, even though he didn’t attack. There was no death animation for him playing and he didn’t go away.

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Lemme guess: Angel

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How come Peter, Alice, Gaston, aren’t infected? Plus, are there any new infected heroes in chapter 35?

  1. Wdym?
  2. Off-topic…
  3. No to your second question

You’re right it was my opinion, and an off topic spam. That was a hero fix there. Would there be more new infected heroes in the future of this game?

No. It’s just that when King Louie dies, he doesn’t have his death animation so he just stands there, doing his idle animation.

Was Angel on the team?

No, Angel was not.

I just watched the chapter 35 video by Mr Loh A Plus, and Angel was on the team there. The absurd part of this is that Angel, Cheshire Cat, Ian, and Slinky dog were all there in 1st small level after the 6th major level.

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