Chapter 78 elite campaign rewards too expensive

Joy is the first character on chapter 78 elite campaign. Currently I can run another chapter for 60 stamina and get 1 or 2 chips or around 40 stamina per chip on average. On chapter 78 it will cost 60000+ stamina (or 40000 stamina per chip) for the same reward. Not sure what the cost per run will reduce to as the campaign progresses, but it makes the elite campaign from this chapter onwards unviable as a source of character chips.

Post Wednesday update chips drop on every raid so cost per chip in new chapter down to (currently) 10000 per chip. If stamina cost reduces as chapters advance as previously this will come down to 4000/chip still way over the 40/chip of previously chapter 78

Why not reduce stamina cost in this chapter for elite campaign to 40 per raid and remove badge drops

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