Character Concept 1: Ariel


From: The Little Mermaid
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Star: 2
Trial Team: Blue

Quote: Watch and you’ll see, someday I’ll be, part of your world

Ariel enters battle in her mermaid form on a wave enchanted with magic. The wave holds Ariel above the ground, allowing her to float in mid air.
In human form, Ariel wears her blue dress from The Little Mermaid, though the colors are slightly brighter.

Attack: Ariel throws splashes of water in her Mermaid Form. Flounder and Sebastian assists her in the attack.

In Human Form, Ariel attacks using her “Dinglehopper“ (fork) instead. The attack is melee.


White Skill: Part of Your World/ Return to the Sea

In her Mermaid Form, “Part of Your World” causes Ariel to surge toward the frontmost ally, granting them a shield. Upon arrival, Ariel leaps as the wave bursts upward, knocking nearby enemies into the air for 2 seconds. Upon landing, the wave envelopes her legs, as she transformed in a flash of light into her Human Form.

In her Human Form, “Return to the Sea” summons a wave that travels from the enemy backline toward Ariel. Ariel hovers above the ground for a moment as she transformed back to Mermaid Form and leaped back to mid row. During her transformation, nearby enemies are stunned for 3 seconds.

Also, Ariel has i-frame during her transformation (the flash of light).

Green Skill: Song of the Sea/ So Much to Discover

In Mermaid Form, Ariel begins singing, healing all allies every second for 5 seconds. The nearest enemy hero would also be Mesmerized for 5 seconds.

  • Mesmerized enemies begin to walk toward Ariel helplessly, unable to attack or cast skills.

In Human Form, Ariel looks around enthusiastically, granting her nearest ally 100% Attack Speed boost and all other allies 35% Attack Speed boost for 5 seconds. Ariel also gains 80 energy and heals herself X amount of Hp for every nearby heroes.

Blue Skill: Under the Sea/ Party Crasher

In Mermaid Form, “Under the Sea” has Ariel musing to some music, as sea animals with instruments begin to surround her team, with one per ally. For every sea animal on the screen, Ariel and her team gains 50 energy.

In Human Form, Ariel holds up a conch shell and blows it, summoning an onslaught of sea animals. Sea animals begin to jump across the enemies team from all direction, each dealing 1 instance of Fantastic damage. A minimum of 3 sea animals appeared, with extra based on how many Ariel summoned during “Under the Sea”.

Purple Skill: Oceanic Blessings

Upon entering the battle and whenever Ariel uses “Part of Your World/ Return to the Sea, the waves created now deal Fantastic damage to all enemies they passes through.

Ariel gains extra Armor and Reality in Human Form. In Mermaid Form, she gains extra Skill Power.


Moana: Oceanic Heart

Ariel and Moana bonds over their relationship with the ocean, and their journey toward self-acceptance.

“Oceanic Blessings” now also grants Allies half the amount of bonuses Ariel receives.

Miguel: Symphonic Memory

Miguel and Ariel shows each other their music, all the while planning for a seaside singing contest.

“Song of the Sea” now applies Mesmerized on 3 closest enemies.
“So Much to Discover” bonuses is also shared with her nearest ally.


  1. Add suggested basic attack animation.
  2. Rescale attack speed bonus for So Much to Discover.

It’s nice, but it needs to be a bit simpler. Blue skill just needs to grant her energy for each standing ally and damage per ally. green skill should just be a charm. This is nice, just needs to be simplified.


Thank you for checking it out! I deliberately made it a little bit more complicated as the game currently has kits that are too simple to differentiate from each other. It would also allow room for more synergies as well. I’ll definitely will look into cutting part that are redundant.


Sings a song to heal yeah that’s not her gig her daughter on the other hand could steal grandpas Triton to zap stuff :face_with_monocle:a

Melody would definitely be a fun addition, especially with Triton’s trident.

I’d absolutely, one hundred percent LOVE to see Ariel in the game, the original one though, from the 90s.

I watched that movie (Lion King too) on VHS :vhs: back in the early 90s with my kids probably about 475x, no joke…

“Mommy, rewind: again, again!!” -oh, the smiles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Attack - Mermaid/Human form
•she can have Sebastian and Flounder to assist
•she can use her “dingle hopper”

Moana is a perfect friend fit :green_heart: :mermaid:t2:

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Thank you for the suggestion and the comment! I was struggling to think of an attack, but these are perfect!

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You’re very welcome! Your whole concept is absolutely amazing and I’m glad to help! :blush::mermaid:t3:‍♀
Also, the singing for healing, as you mentioned, is another great idea!! #Ariel

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Moana and Miguel make sense for Ariel to be friends with. Love those picks for her.

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