Character concept: #8 Goliath

Mid line Control hero

Star Character: 3 stars

Team character: blue

Information character: Goliath is a heroic gargoyle who take his wings and claws to stand down demons

Quote: Humans calls me ‘Goliath’

White Skill: Stand to Roar
Goliath uses his roar at them to defeat

Green Skill: Legend has Born before the truth
When goliath got 3 hits by enemys he heal himself as powers

Blue Skill: Dark Night on Earth
Goliath uses his glow eyes and his one of the power to turn invisible where no enemy to seen

Purple Skill: Monsters Unlimited
Same as Skill "Legend has born before the truth: He also turn a sheld

Friendship mode

A Gargoyle’s Powerful Sorcerer
“Legend has born before the truth” Skills Allies
Level 117
Others Aladdin. Mad hatter. Jack sparrow

Goliath/Sully And Boo
Monsters Knows Best
Skills for “Stand To Roar” Stun for 62%
Level 120
Others Merida. Mike. Zurg


Goliath has appeared after his glider

Goliath after he Defeated. He has hit on pain

Goliath after he Victory. He smiled and fly to another world

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  • You said Marlin, who is a fish. Merlin has made Arthur a fish as far as I know but one little letter can change a whole name/word
  • Sorsaror is a Roblox player. So maybe change it to “sorcerer”. The actual name of a mage
  • Skill names can’t be so long, like “legend has born before the truth”. I haven’t seen a single episode of “Gargoyles” but I know the name has to be shorter
  • Clarify your skills. Like turn this:

Into this: Goliath roars, dealing X damage to all enemies. You are making this skill seem like it can win you a battle (because it, apparently, K.O.’s all enemies) so it’s too OP

  • Make the Green Skill his Purple Skill since Purple Skills only help hero’s attack at start of combat, revive heroes, and boost heroes/ skills. This skill seems more of a boost to Goliath, and it makes him too OP since in an entire battle of 90 seconds there are about 70 attacks total (I could be statistically wrong but it’s at least 50)
  • In “Dark Knight on Earth”, what do you mean by his “one power”?
  • As I said earlier in this post, CLARIFY your skills. They really make it seem like you have poor vocabulary skills
  • The Purple Skill can’t be EXACTLY like a skill because Purple Skills can add on yo skills
  • What do you mean by “he turns into a shelf”. A shelf is a piece of wood attached to a wall or a supporting object. Don’t you mean Goliath turns into a still gargoyle?


  • Last but not least, what do the friendship disks do?

Who is goliath?

White attack roar, blue dark Earth and green truth, there we go. Please provide us with an image! Also love the idea of Marlin and Goliath friend campaign!!!

You mean good idea?

Yes yes yes and more yes to gargoyle characters. Love that show.

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@MasterOfTheLands did you get my advice?

I don’t think so


Calm down nothing steals your good life. Ok?

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