Character Concept E5 Esmeralda

:star2: Backline control
“10 of you and 1 of me what’s a poor gypsy girl to do?”

White: take a bow
Esmeralda takes a bow with a metal hat and throws it at the closest enemy it bounces off it and hits 2 other enemies (similar to Jack Jack’s bouncing baby) dealing normal damage stunning them for 3 seconds.

Green: puff of smoke (i don’t have a better name)
Esmeralda blows into a handkerchief and disappears in a cloud of purple smoke she becomes invisible for 5 seconds (similar to Darkwing duck’s shadow skalker).

She can become invisible every 13.0 seconds.

Blue: goat attack
Djali headbutts a enemy dealing true damage and knocking them back.

Purple: gypsy dance
Every time esmeralda uses “take a bow” she gains 40% attack speed stacks up to 3 times.


Megara “A Gypsy’s wits”
Level 104
Increased Skill power
Take a bow heals Esmeralda. take a bow heals Esmeralda 20% of damage done. 20% healing per star

Violet “how to tango”
Level 102
Increased basic damage
Gypsy dance grants Allies attack speed. gypsy dance grants allies 8% attack speed stacks up to 3 times. 8% attack speed per star



  • Esmeralda is good :grinning:
  • Esmeralda is fine :neutral_face:
  • Esmeralda is bad :expressionless:

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Not sure what the metal hat is all about, but this is a pretty good concept imo. :+1:

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Who do you want next

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P.S. i will modify my other concepts and add friends

There was a moment in the movie when Esmeralda used a metal hat of a soldier to knock out three other soldiers.

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Oh, and yes, the goat name is Djali if you’re interested :goat:

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Oh ok thanks! I obly watched the movie one time so I didn’t get all the details…

How do you do that?

giphy(Reading all about it)

Too similar to mine. What a coincidence. (This is not me being sarcastic)

Wait, weren’t you the one who made a concept later? Cause, you know, I made a concept for Esmeralda in February and it also shares a pair of skills with yours:D

First all, REALLY good concept! But there are a few things to consider:

True damage should only work in very special conditions, like insta-KO (Maui and Queen of Hearts) or when user’s HP is below 50% (Stitch). Djali should probably only do knock back otherwise, which is still fitting for a Control hero.

Then, like, what IS Esmeralda doing in the meantime while she’s not using skills? Is she throwing something? Is she just standing back there filing her nails? What’s her basic attack like?

Yep. That is me. (20 letters)

Only one hero files their nails :joy:

Maybe she can be dancing in place??

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