Character Concept for Tapper

Name: Tapper. Quote: This has been My Job Since 1983! Info: Tapper is the owner of Tapper’s Root Beer. Team Trial: Yellow
:star:One Star Character, Midline, Support Hero.
Basic: Punches the Enemy
Entrance: Tapper walks in, cleaning a bottle.
Defeat: Tapper accidentally drops a bottle, shattering it.
Victory: Tapper hops up and down, happily.
White Skill: Tasty Drink
Tapper will start to pass around root beer, healing allies.
Green Skill: Bad Drink
Tapper is now able to throw bad drinks at enemies, dealing X damage.
Blue Skill: Great Review
Tapper’s drinks now heal allies more than before.
Purple Skill: Repulsive Review: Tapper’s bad drinks now do extra amounts of damage.
Red Skill: Buzzing Bar

Now, every time Tapper passes around a drink, it heals 5% more the next time. And, Tapper’s Bad Drink attack does 5% more damage every time he throws a drink.

Friendship #1: Tapper and Stitch
Repulsive, Rotting Drink
Tapper’s attack drink does 10% more damage now.

  • Tapper’s drink now stuns the enemy for 5 seconds.

Friendship #2: Tapper and Gaston
Tapper’s drink heals more now.

  • Tapper’s Basic Attack now does 10% more damage.

P.S. This is my first concept so if it’s not good, that’s because i don’t have experience.

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Tapper Should Be With Tigger

Tapper and ralph

good ideas! thanks for the support

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