Character Discussion: Merlin + Robin


I created this topic so we can share the strengths and weaknesses, as well as good teams for, the new characters from 1.9.2. I am aware that few people have them right now, but this may help those who don’t figure out whether or not to invest in them.

I’ll start it off by saying that Jack Sparrow probably won’t be as widely used anymore due to Merlin and his whopping 18 second silence, complete with BD reduction.


Merlin has definitely become a big threat to arena/coli teams that use Sparrow, because of it’s focus on high basic damage characters, and especially his 18 second silence. He has a good invisibility spread and 75% damage reduction to an ally, which is really useful for Tanks, who spend the entire battle getting the crap beaten out of them by damages and other tanks. Plus, Merlin and Barbossa seems like a decent pair, as his Study causes Basic Attacksand skills to crit, filling Merlin’s energy and letting him turn multiple enemies into cute little squirrels.

Robin Hood also seems super promising. He has a 10 second stun to the frontmost enemy, which will probably come in handy with pesky damagers or Tanks, like Baymax or Aladdin. and he seems to be on the course to becoming a hero known for his extremely high crit damage that his purple skill grants him. So, I can see him being paired with heroes like Barbossa, who’s white skill can push Robin Hood’s damage to the highest setting.