Character Peter Pan


Peter Pan is an :star2::star2::star2: hero in Mid line so Attack
Basic Attack: Peter punches the enemy dealing X damage
Entrance: Peter Pan shadow appers where he goes then appearing
Victory Peter flys around in circles as Eve
Defeat: Peters shadow disappears along with him
Trial: Yellow
Quote: " Well theres nothing that a little pixie dust can’t handle
WHITE SKILL Finding Neverland: Peter rushed throw battle dealing X damage along with the charmed effect this may fail if enemy is level X or higher for 8 seconds
GREEN SKILL Twice the fun: Peter shadows now will attack expect for WHITE SKILLS
BLUE SKILL A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust:Peter pan wrinkles a little bit of pixie dust he pulls from his pocket and pour it in the enemy and then they will be out of battle so simpler to Buzz with his force bubble they can’t attack unless their Moui and there Hawk skill but otherwise they can’t attack for 7 seconds also the attack dose X damage
PURPLE SKILL Pixie Up: When Peter get below 20% HP he will fly up and use his Pixie dust ( Green to heal for 1.92 percent HP this can only be used once per wave
Peter Pan- Mad Hatter 92
Crazy Worlds
Instead on healing in skill Pixie Up healing 1.92 it will heal 2.01

Peter Pan- Stitch 110
Pixie Workers
I’m BLUE SKILL A little Bit Of Pixie Dust Maui may not attack now

Hey everyone my characters our awesome Alice and The Queen Of Heart have been added next I will be doing that Troublesome Pete or Tinker bell who should I do
HINT 1 FOR SESSON 1 GRAND FINALY: Well the #+=:@ family is in need of help and I (@8#(@(#(@82( will be glad to help you out

Season 1 is all about the basic Disney characters next as soon it will fouse on the Mickey Gang and Dumbo and many more!!! So give me comments who you would like to see in season 2

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