Character redo

I wish there was a way to just cannibalize a hero and give the accumulated stamina and progress to another hero or allow the destruction of a hero to boost other heroes in some way.
Ralph is such a garbage hero, he faints at the slightest attac,k he’s absolutely garbage and worthless and I wish I had never spent as much time as I did on him.
There’s nothing you can do, it’s the first hero you’re given, but he is such an absolutely horrible piece of junk, that there should be a way to just set him back to green and give everything that he accumulated to one or more heroes.
there are certain heroes that no matter what you do with them they will always be worthless, there should be a way to redo these characters and divide the spoils amongst the other heroes that are decent.

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First, please keep to one thread per topic. There’s really no need to make two separate posts for the same thing.

As for your suggestion this gets brought up every now and again and the same problem always stops it being a good idea.
The moment a new hero that it obviously going to be the new meta is released or every time there is a contest running where points are scored for using a particular character everyone would very quickly rush to strip some of their heroes to beef up the new guy and the whole server’s ecosystem would fall apart in a matter of moments.

Also, from a business standpoint, it would be ridiculous for Perblue to give their customers an option to recycle their valuable resources rather than spend money to get more. We’d all love free stamina/diamonds/xp etc but I think we can all agree that it’s reasonable for the game developers to want to make some cash.

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Can we not have our heroes devouring each other? Please?

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