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As the game grows older, and we’re reaching greater depths of the character pool… I’ve come up with a list amongst many other player’s wishlist to add to the game. Reflecting on the past year or two, I’m incredibly grateful for characters like Rapunzel, Dr. Facilier, and Oogie Boogie. Without further ado, the remainder of my own wishlist in no particular order.

Roger Rabbit (however likely that may or may not happen)

Tiana (An absolute MUST, as there needs to be more PATF characters)

Figment (Attraction characters would be great)

Ariel and King Triton


Chip & Dale, Monterey Jack


The Mayor (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Mr. Toad


Chewbacca (as a Star Wars event)


Arthur Pendragon


You know that Tinkerbell is already in the game because of Peter Pan skillets but welcome to the forum


That’s not happening.

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First of all, welcome to the Forums!
This wishlist is soo cool! There are just a few points:

She won’t come since she belongs to Peter Pan’s Skillset.

He’s also not coming because the game focuses on Disney and Pixar Characters. Star Wars belongs to Disney but there are so many Star Wars games already so they won’t add Star Wars characters.


Not a bad list, don’t like Chewie, sorry not sorry, and Idk about Arthur?

Them aside… claps hands Why not! :grin:

Oh, and welcome to the forums, I hope you can look past the toxic replies and members and enjoy it. :grin:


Thank you for the feedback and welcome.

“King Arthur” The Sword in the Stone. AKA Arthur Pendragon. Wouldn’t hurt having a third character from that movie. Sword and all.

Some are more unlikely, but I try to post different characters from those people have been begging for for years. Like Anna and Kim Possible for the longest time. Gives PerBlue more to work with.

A few more…

Judge Doom
Pete’s Dragon
Mary Poppins
The Lost Boys
Prince Charming

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That is one of my greatest wishes. :sweat_smile::pray:t3:


Yes, give me Mary Poppins and I will never complain about this game again :pray::pray::pray:


Give me Kermit and my life will be complete.

I wish Roxanne and Max join in this game

You should make that into it’s own topic rather than putting it on someone’ wishlist thread.

Ok, thanks

My favorite characters on the Hero Wish List is Ron Stoppable and Rufus, Wade, Duff Killigan, Shego, Monkey Fist, Agent P, Dr.Doofensmirtz, Phineas and Ferb,

Please stop reviving topics.


This must happen we need Duke weaslton

Quasimodo, gogo from big hero 6, dumbo, Pinocchio would be cool

I think he means the Disney Fairies version of Tink.

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I want Ron Stoppable & Rufus. And Shego. They all have abilities and power-ups that can be useful and potential for them in battle. Ron and Rufus both mystical monkey power and martial art abilites(even they both have dance moves and their healing ability of eating nacos and chimarittos.).

Pinnochio is a must

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