Character study episode 3

Greetings disney fans its me, captain falltasic and im back with another character study ok and also


Im not doing these characters in alphabetical order


The characters roles are gonna be random

So for this one, were getting really close to October and im thinking about doing a Halloween Character so today im gonna do the king of Halloween town himself…

Jack skellington

Info about the character

Jack skellington is the king of Halloween town and is generally scary in all ways which he uses to scare unwanted creeps away.


+great scaring skills
+burst damage
+high armor
+has tenacity
+useful Friendship disks


-low skill power
-low reality
-(sorta)weak outside of scare teams


Jack is maybe one of the best scaring heroes in the game, using his scaring and damaging skills to his advantage, he and his allies can trick or wreck a team, both “master of fright” and “what’s this” scares enemies while his “trick-or-treats” skill allows him and his allies to heal themselves when attacking a scared enemy which means that combined with the likes of joy can expertly heal allies and as for the burst damage factor, that’s where is active white skill and his “jack-o-lantern” skill comes in which, number 1, deals additional damage to enemies hit by his basic attack and number 2, deals splash damage which causes major damage.

Friendship disks

Sally’s disk
Better burning

Deals more additional damage from “master of fright” and also adds more time to the additional damage done to enemies from the skill which means more time for the damage to take affect.

Mad hatter’s disk
more ducks

Jack now throws out three ducks with “what’s this” while also dealing more damage towards damage heroes with that skill which means jack is more useful against damage heroes.

best teams

Jack works great with other scare heroes like sulley/boo and mike wazowski as they can use their scaring to their abilities but jack also works well alongside healers (like joy) and…well anyone who can benefit from his scares (especially when he has his purple skill)


As i found out, jack has low reality which means that he is weak against fantastic damage(i presume) and also characters like mad hatter and anger can completely ignore his scare debuff and also he needs to watch out for backline divers (darkwing and mr incredible…im looking at you two) and also don’t forget Ursula who can hex him and merlin who can squirrel him.


Jack skellington is a great character that you can use in certain game modes but…like most heroes, he has flaws as well.

Thats it for me

GOODBYE!!! :smiley:

I believe this is false. Anger can only avoid- blind stun charm freeze silence and squirrel.

Sorry, I know what this means, but in the context of thenrest of the sentence it seems like something Doug wpuld say! :joy:

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What mods do you put on him
Wich one upgrades the dot

Do you have any tips on how to keep him alive, because he dies really fast…

Please don’t revive dead threads.

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