Character wishlist

Kuzco - backline control

Clarabelle - midline control

Hans - damage?

Yen sid - backline damage

Indiana jones - backline control

Tron (new movie, or just kevin flynn) - backline control (the helmet black scheme tron is cooler than the blue/white colored one we have now tbh and wiuld provide a unique moveset potential)

Sora - frontline control

Aunt arctic - backline damage

Chicken little - backline support

Arthur - frontline damage

Luke skywalker - midline control (would he use a lightsaber or gun)

Mirabel madrigel - (???)

Captain gantu


Tod and copper

Note i understand that star wars and the disney owned games are not coming to dhbm im just adding em cuz i still want em

Arthur from what?

The Sword in the Stone

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Oh duh, good choice.

1: Dr doofensmeritz
2: Bill cipher
3: Fat cat (Chip and dale rescue rangers)
4:Chicken little
5:Mr smee
6:Lady the dog and tramp
7:Max (Goofy movie)
8:Wander and Sylvia
9:Lord hater
10:Kion (Lion Guards)

Hes very unlikely to me sadly because disney only picks merlin and not arthur or both

Oh yeah since we have perry we definitely can get doof. Ill put him in my list xd

They can’t have two versions of one character as two different heroes. That would be awkward. It would be nice to see some new alternate costumes though, and to have costume threads easier to acquire.

The tron we see is not the same as the protagonist in tron legacy…

The “tron” in tron legacy is sam flynn, son of kevin

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