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So Encanto came out in November of last year and l think we should have them in the game by now. Which Madrigal did you want to see first and who could your friendships be?


I think Isabela Madrigal would be a pretty unique addition to the game with her plant powers.

Good question.

Well, I would like to see Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela first with them being the most prominent.

Mirabel's Friends

For Mirabel, she could be friends with either Barley and Anna all three being the muggle in the family of mages and help her through her feeling of being magicless showing there is more to her than it seems… a diamond in the rough.

For a third friendship, she could have one with Pooh, he could ask for her help over the other Madrigals seeing her as perfect in Pooh and his friends’ eyes and she would, in turn, act in Chrisopher Robin’s stead.

A fourth choice would be Esmerelda. Being in a magical family, Mirabel would have some animosity against Frollo (who would mistake them for gypsies) and would gain the Esmerelda’s help in protecting them against his prejudice.

Luisa's Friends

For Luisa, many would choose Hercules as her friend because of the reference she made. But, to me, it feels too obvious. So I would choose Mr. Incredible both pocessing super strength and both being afraid of being weak and undervalued in everybody’s eyes.

For her second, it would have to be with Eeyore. It would make a lot of sense with him being the only donkey hero in the city.

Isabela's Friends

For Isa, your going to find it weird but I picture her to have a frenemy with Gaston. Both being strikingly good looking yet flawed people (in Gaston’s case, very flawed).

For her second friend, it would be Rabbit. But since he’s not in the game (not yet anyway), I would have to be Tigger. For Tigger, there relationship would work out in one of two different senerios.

  1. Isa view of him would be similar to Rabbit’s and would find his bouncing irritating leading to not having a high opinion of him.

  2. The opposite would happen and Isa would find Tigger’s exuberance and bouncy personality very refreshing after spending years trying to be the golden child.

(Sorry, for being so long winded as anyone here can tell you, I often do that)

And we haven’t had new guild perks in over two years.

Length of when a movie came out doesn’t define should be in game already. But on the topic could make an easy collection (bruno can be a control with his rats) , the big sister can be a tank, etc etc.

Disgust would be a good option for lsabela too.

All Encanto heroes and their friendships I think are likely:
For Camillo, Huey, Dewey, & Louie (troublesome), and Madam Mim (Transformation/Disguise)
For Dolores, Fairy Godmother (help her) and Snow White (also help her)
For Isabela, Pocahontas (Both are nature-related) and 22 (HEAVILY sarcastic)
For Mirabel, Anna (Sort-of odd-one-out) and Violet (Both feel they want to change)
For Luisa, Ralph (Want to be perfect) and EVE. (Just feel like they would somehow be good friends)
For Antonio, Bagheera (Animal power) and Chip and Dale. (Sort-of the same thing)
For Pepa, Elsa (Weather related powers), and Minnie Mouse (help with emotions)
For Julieta, Swedish Chef (Cooking), and Colette (Also cooking)
For Bruno, I would say Magica (Shadowy/Hiding), and Linguini and Remy (Rats)
UPDATE: Changed Camillo’s Ursula friendship to Madam Mim, Changed Isabela’s Elsa disk to Pocahontas, and added Pepa, Julieta, and Bruno.

I think Elsa would fit a bit better for Pepa since both of them have powers specifically related to weather conditions that are affected by their emotions.

I don’t think I’d consider Isabela “sarcastic”, at least not in the same vein as 22.


Oh yes that makes more sense lol, I changed it to Pocahontas.

I guess you are right but I still feel they could be friends.

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Since Isabela is my favorite, I really want to see her in the game! She would definitely be a great addition (with her plant powers and all) I can see her being a control hero

And this probably will never happen, but I can see Mei Lee being one of her friends. They both are (well, were) the “golden child” in their families who were stuck being perfect their whole life and had to hide their true selves from not wanting to disappoint their family. I know their personalities are very different, though, but then again, PB has made alot of friendships that don’t really make sense and managed to make them work, somehow. Again, may not happen, but something I would really like to see :slight_smile:

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Mei was an only child though…

True yeah (a mistake there, whoops) but still, they went through the same thing

I think about the Madrigal sisters

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