Characters that i think need to be added

Here is my list of characters that I think need to be added. These are all characters from the same Movies/TV shows as current characters:
[ ] Daisy Duck
[ ] Max Goof
[ ] Sam Flynn
[ ] Clu or Sark
[ ] Rabbit
[ ] Piglet
[ ] Kanga/Roo
[ ] Owl
[ ] Wasabi
[ ] Honeylemon
[ ] Go-go
[ ] Fred
[ ] King Fergus
[ ] Queen Elenor
[ ] Lost boys
[ ] Wendy/Michael/John
[ ] Tiana
[ ] Naveen
[ ] Louis and Ray
[ ] Pocahontas
[ ] Oozma Kappa
[ ] Roz
[ ] Hector
[ ] Ernesto De la Cruz
[ ] Milo Thatch
[ ] Pirate King Elizabeth Swan
[ ] Captain William Turner
[ ] Fear
[ ] Disgust
[ ] Sadness
[ ] Aurora
[ ] King Arthur
[ ] Kusco
[ ] Kronk
[ ] Pacha
[ ] Demona
[ ] Anna
[ ] General Mattias
[ ] Kermit
[ ] Fozzy
[ ] Mogli
[ ] Bageera
[ ] Lilo and Mr. Bubbles
[ ] Captain Gantu
[ ] Ariel
[ ] King Triton


Or both :man_shrugging:


You can ignore this if you want to

Honey Lemon

Go Go

Queen Elinor

You don’t have to include their titles :upside_down_face:


Nope. They’re better off separate

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Nice list. I’m gonna share my more detailed thoughts when on WiFi

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I would love to see these guys get added. They’d be perfect for the game, though I know some people here would like to see other movies get a representative in the game.


Yep. We have everyone but her from the main Mickey & Friends characters, so yeah I hope she comes.

They are needed as well.

Personally I would love to see more Peter Pan characters. It is one of my favorite movies. I think that Wendy would (and should) be solo and Michael & John would be put together.

Yes. More PATF all the way. Mama Odie too.

I am all for more princesses, but PB said no more until 2021.

Again I really like this list, as some are on mine.

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BH6 characters would be veryvcool if added!

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I think Gravity Falls deserves a spot or 8 on the roster…


I definitely think PB should add more Stitch and Pooh heroes! But more Peter Pan, BH6, and princesses characters would be awesome as well!

I am still holding out hope for some Star Wars the Clone Wars characters. I would love to have my Obi Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka!

Sorry, but that won’t be happening anytime soon

You never know, unless PB has made any actual statement about that.

Oh they have

Even if not “anytime soon” doesn’t mean they won’t ever. Never know when they could change their minds. :wink:

It’s highly unlikely that Star Wars characters will ever come into the game. You should try Galaxy of Heroes though which is all about Star Wars, mind you it is far more P2W than DHBM.

Glad I haven’t started playing it and quit this game, yet😕…

It’s really hard to do well without pouring hundreds of dollars into the game. I’ve downloaded it several times but I have given up each time because without spending you simply don’t get anywhere.

Yes I agree. But my list only contains more Characters from movies/tv shows that are already in the game. I just find it weird that we have characters like Ursela and Izma, but not their respective protagonists.

I would laove to have some pocahontas characters like john smith or meko

I think that they should add Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Judge Claude Frollo from the hunchback of Notre dame, because my life will be complete.

John smith from Pocahontas

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