Characters to add

I may spell some names wrong

Dipper. Mable. Suus. Stanley. Bill Cipher. Toy Story Army Guys. Sid. Luxo Lamp Or Luxo Jr. Lotso. Dug. The Seven Dwarfs. Joe Gardener. Meilin Lee’s three friends. Mirabelle and other madrigals. Other characters from Luca. Tarzan. The 101 Dalmatians or just the parents with the kids taking part in some skills. Cruella De Vil.

Toy Story 3 Bear Bad Guy I Forgot His Name

His name’s Lotso.

Do you mean the dog from Up? If so, his name is Dug.

Barbie and Ken are copyrighted characters


I think the game has had enough Toy Story Heroes, tbh with you. But, good list, regardless, nice job!


I think the most likely one to get added is Dipper

Apparently Gravity Falls isn’t possible for some reason.

If so then what about the badges

What about what badges?

The Gravity Falls Journal and A Very Pine Hat are badges from Gravity Falls

They can’t add gravity falls characters due to licensing issues.


No can do. He’s already in, as Carl’s white skill.

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I know this sucks that he won’t be his own hero

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I’m sorry but no one from Tarzan won’t be in the game due to copyright issues

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I’m surprised and kind of amazed no one has brought that up until now


Perblue did say this a couple of years ago. And have be mentioned a couple of times in other places.

Like here
My Personal Wish List


I meant this topic itself. Usually when Tarzan is mentioned in a wish list it takes maybe no more than 5 messages to bring it up


Ok that what you meant.


I would love to see April, May, and June, Daisy’s nieces in the game. They are as good as Heuy, Louie and Dewey in the comics.

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