Charles Muntz & Alpha (Up, 2009)

Charles Muntz & Alpha (Likely Character Concept):

Description: Weilding his shotgun and his large pack of talking dogs. Charles can make sure you will never be remembered.

Trial Team: Blue

Stars: :star2:

Role: Tank

“Adventure is out there!”

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Charles will walk in wielding his trusty shotgun in his hands with Alpha closely following behind.

Basic Attack: Charles will shoot his shotgun dealing 1020 normal damage.

Victory: Charles will laugh in an evil manner while Alpha howls.

Defeat: Charles will stomp on the ground and Alpha will duck and whimper.


White Skill: Talking Dog (Alpha will howl at the closest opponent creating a shockwave which will stun the enemy for 5 seconds and deal 1034 fantastic damage

Green Skill: Ammo Collection (Similar to Charles’ normal attack, but this time he will shoot three bullets at once (Each bullet dealing 1500 normal damage, 4500 normal damage combined.)

Blue Skill: Overhead (Charles’ Blimp will fly above the battlefield blasting at the three farthest enemies dealing 3047 fantastic damage.)

Purple Skill: Going for Gold! (Charles’ Ammo Collection attack will now deal 1.5x more damage. The bullets will also be a gold colo(u)r.)

Red Skill: Talking Dog(s) 2 (Now Charles’ Talking Dog ability will now bring out 2 more dogs once the ability is used each dealing 3034 normal damage. The extra dogs will disappear when the attack is finished.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Charles Muntz and Alpha & Bolt

Talking Animals

Charles has to take care of Bolt and the rest of his dogs for a day.

Allies: Sisu, Minnie Mouse, and Basil of Ba…

Charles Muntz and Alpha & Genie

Spa Day

Charles wishes to not have to take care of his dogs for a day and relax.

Allies: Aladdin, Judy Hopps, and Snow Whi…

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This is a good concept but I don’t really understand why he is a tank. He seems more like a control or damage

Slow. Down. This is your third concept in 2 days. Take more time between concepts to make them better as they are currently not very good.


Shoot. I thought you stopped using your advantage over the community 5 months ago. Guess I was wrong.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Depends. How do you want to interpret it?

I was just trying to get you to stop spamming concepts… I don’t get how I have an advantage or how I was supposedly ‘using it over you’

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Step 1: You “s-p-a-m” “Your concepts need some work”
Step 2: You get attention of Loutre
Step 3: I get banned for a week
Step 4: (Restart)

Maybe if you actually heeded his advice and stopped spamming roughly-made concepts, this wouldn’t be an issue.


I told you guys this once already. I wrote these concepts down in a journal for about a month, and then I start uploading them everyday for a week and then the cycle repeats.

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