Chat lock broken


The new chat lock setting to me looked good but I found out you can chart it and when you can’t see the bitten in the corner any more and go to guild and hit the chat member then your in to it


So I don’t know if perblue or if @Polaris knows what it is but its broken


It isn’t @Kayl0 it happens when you do that, to prevent you to go chat because it’s a “Chat Lock”.
You get it? You can go back by going to settings and turning it off. note: you need to remember that 4 digit pin


But I think they are saying that you can get throughto chatthroughthe guild chat??

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Yes that is what I’m saying @Champion_David and just so ya know I’m a she


Right thanks :wink:

snaps finger

I thought so but wasn’t completely sure…

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Got it. I’ve passed this along to the team to fix. Thanks!

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