Cheshire cat (take 2)

I had already posted this somewhere else & was told I should post it here LOL hope I am doing this right. I would love to see Cheshire cat as a heroe maybe he could make a smokescreen blinding enemies and do a disappering reappearing roll knocking all five enemies out for 5 seconds or even more when ranked to max also maybe he could sing his allies to good health and give a linked allie 9 sec. Longer life Maybe even someone like Alice or if you used him in the whole team of Alice in wonder land characters he could link to them all but only one if he was outside the team… Just throwing some ideas out there


You could have just edited it though…


Love the idea!!!

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Omgosh they gave us Cheshire cat …:heart_eyes: I can’t believe they did it … I am probay not the only one who recommended it but this is awesome WOOOOWHO… THANK YOU LORD & Thank you Disney Hero creators

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Don’t revive dead topics

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