Chest for gold

is it possible to make chests for gold not in 10 pieces, but at least 100 pieces, it is impossible to open them for a long time so that there is at least some benefit … can you change this and make opening chests for gold more useful?


We did mention it several times, so far unheard. @Loutre? 100 crates is solid, even better if it had 20% off instead of “Buy 10” and 10% off.

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I’ve passed the feedback onto the team!


Only for interest.

Why do u wanna buy Gold chests?
They are so worse :thinking:

Chips and some bits :man_shrugging:

For wicked beats.
Raiding for blue badge bits sucks.

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chests for gold are really useful.when there are chips in them, you just need to buy more to take advantage, I get tired of buying from a lot of 10 pieces

Buy 100 would be really solid.
Tbh the return rate (when you leave a certain amount of blue badges and sell the rest along with blue plans) reaches around 50%.

So say 200M Gold invested there can return 100M back.

Not to mention the more is spent the more chips you get. 1B spent gives about 60-70 chips for each 1* unlockable character.

Due to not having Buy 100 you need a lot of patience. Please @Loutre , the sooner we get Buy 100 on Gold Crates, the better game would be.

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