Chill Yax Disk in City Watch


Anyone know if the dmg bonus from Yax’s Chill Yax Friendship Disk carries over btwn battles in City Watch like Nick Wilde’s Lemmings Ult?

If so, that would be pretty useful.


Pretty sure it doesn’t, but I also haven’t really payed close attention.


I don’t think it even carries between the waves


it 100% does not carry over


Eh do not bother with Yax he is useless.


No he’s not useless @Champion_David he’s in my main team


What is your team lvl?


It doesnt matter if hes in your main team or not. Hes still useless.


Dont use yax he is the most usless hero in this game he can die even to the weakest hit and after level 50 his healing is not helping anymore dont bother miguel can heal batter than him mickey mouse can heal batter than yax can and help another heros with the rest of his skills and sulley with the disc you can get from his friendship with woody can be batter healer


@Prince_Aamir you are right Yax is not useless until he can no longer heal you characters ebough to matter. After that, he is useless.


Given that Yax is only good to level 50 or so, then starts to go rapidly downhill, and given that levels 1 to 50 go by a lot quicker than levels 51 to 90, he’s useless for over half of the released content so far on most servers, so, yeah, it doesn’t matter whether he’s on your main team or not, that just means you need a better main team…


@DessieD I agree with you. But he is very useful- even essential- before lvl 50.


Honestly I still use Yax at level 90 with a full Orange team :\


:confused: :open_mouth:

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Yeah almost essential at lower levels, just at higher levels with more healing options available and some curse based opponents Yax falls behind in the queue.

When I was much lower level I did use Yax with this to try get a power boost, although was never certain whether it actually worked or not.

But then I got a Sulley - Woody disk so Yax got benched, only used since if mandatory in friend campaigns or in surge.