Choose the Anniversary Celebration Invasion Team!

Huh? Then who did?

I don’t know :man_shrugging: Djaq maybe

Maybe don’t throw him under the bus without proof.

But we are getting off topic.


Well you blamed me with no proof

Good point.

But let’s move on from this.

Why not all?!

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So why is every hero not listed on the poll @Polaris? :thinking:
Because we are missing Rap, Magica, and Kida to say the least and many others most likely
I feel if I could choose one of the ones that is missing it would be Kida for the energy

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They probably meant last year as in “since last anniversary”, not as all 2020 heroes. The ones before that aren’t in the poll but the 2021 ones are

Ahhh ok then :wink:

I wanted to pick Kristoff cause then I’d have my blue team basically, but he was older than last anniversary

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Still wishing that PB would add the heroes refreshed within the past year because if Mim was in the poll everyone probably would choose her because she would be the key that makes this invasion great tbh

Well yeah… Mim would make it better


Beat a level 500 Mamma Bot with Carl as the main damage dealer, then tell me he’s good



Yes. Blame me. Because, even though I was offline, you have a grudge against me.

Actually, Aamir has the right to call you a suspect :man_shrugging:


Call me crazy, but I think Basil and Animal do good against the bot, because Basil’s white skill does so much damage to it, and Animal’s white skill turns that into a machine gun.

Let’s just hope that the featured heroes just get extra powerups, and thus all heroes are available and i can test that duo. Sooo… vote Basil?

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No. No no no no no. He’s terrible. He has little to no negation. He’s bad.

Hi Crazy, I’m Spark.


Mr.I exists. Basic Damage givers exist.

Not good enough

Very few. And only Maximus gives a significant amount.


I chose ones I don’t have :expressionless:

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