Chronological Hero Release guide

Not one…

You mean November '20 Sign-In Hero

Thanks, updated.

Just a quick thanks…


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Wow we are already at 125 heroes. This is just crazy!


Added Patch Notes 2.4.01 for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker

Enjoy your weekend!


Updated for Fear from Inside out on Patch Note 2.4.10 :slight_smile:

Thought - would everyone like to see the list in reverse (as in the newest hero at the top of the list?)

  • Keep the list as it is now
  • Change to show newest hero at the top

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Have a fantastic weekend!

It would seem people prefer the list as it currently is presented :slight_smile:

Updated for December’s Sign In hero…




Thanks for updating the list for Aurora. It’s sad and unfortunate to see Aurora leaving the game but I guess it’s Aurora’s choice so we should respect the decision…


So far as you know, no offence, will there be anyone taking over the rest of Aurora’s guides, especially the characters guide ? If no, would you consider taking over them? They’re useful to a lot of players and I’m sure many might want the guide to continue rather than resting in peace.

It is too bad that Aurora left, I really liked those guides.

I would love to but honestly I don’t have time for something like that. Maybe someday, but not in the near future

Updated for Patch Notes 2.5 :slight_smile:


Happy 2021 everyone!
Updated for Honey Lemon as January’s sign in hero, a few spelling and formatting errors and Note 2.5.01-A with Clawhauser


Updated for Kermit and Swedish Chef from The Muppets in Patch Notes 2.6

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So many difference characters from different films it’s one big crossover party.

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I don’t know who is going to be next but I hope it will be the 3 hyenas from the lion king

Hopefully its kanga and roo

Updated for Hamm as February 2021 sign in hero.
Happy weekend!


I guess the next heroes to join the roster of heroes in this game would include of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Shenzi Banzi and Ed from the Lion King or any other character but these are just some ideas I had

Thanks for your responses. This is not a post for predictions and wishlists, but rather just an update of the different characters as they are released to the game.
If you want to discuss potential characters or wishlists please post in #feedback-corner:hero-wish-list

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