City of Truro Unlikely Hero Concept

City of Truro

Description: This special visitor has decided to help out his allies by using his fame and speed to hinder the enemies the best he can, while a photographer aid Truro in battle.

Quote: ''Later that night the engines found that the visitor wasn’t conceited at all, he enjoyed talking to the other engines till long after the stars came out ‘’
Star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: City of Truro enter the field smoothly, as the Photographer stumbled across the field to his Position.

Victory: City of Truro blow his whistle victoriously, as the Photographer applaud happily.

Defeat: City of Truro slowly exit the battlefield backwards, as the Photographer accidentally drop his camera to the ground.


Basic Attack: {Passive} instead of hitting the enemies directly, A Photographer will appear right beside of City of Truro an take Photo Shot at the enemy-line every 5 seconds, dealing X Fantastic Damage and Blinding them for 8 seconds.

White Skill: Photography Shots:
City of Truro will pose proudly and mighty for 10 seconds, while a group of paparazzi appears out of nowhere and proceeded to take a photo shot. City of Truro gains Armor and Reality by 80% to himself while posing and also gain 8 Stack of Hardy for 12 seconds.

Green Skill: Chatter Till The Night:
City of Truro will start talking to the enemies, causing them to have an Armor and Basic Attack Decrease by 46% for 10 seconds. As we’ll apply Sap and 3 Stack of Fatigue to the enemies for 8 seconds.

The Sap and Fatigue has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: 100 Miles Of Speed:
At the Start of Each Wave, City of Truro gains Basic Attack, Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 100% for 10 seconds. He also heal himself X HP per second for 5 seconds.

Purple Skill: Celebrity Of Engine:
Every time the Photographer take a shot, City of Truro gains 1 Stack of Hardy to himself for 10 seconds and increase his Tenacity by 10% for each Shot the Photographer take, Stacks up to 200% of Tenacity.

Red Skill: The Finest Engine:
“Photography Shots” now deals X Fantastic Damage to all enemies and apply Blind or 1 Stack of Fatigue for 6 seconds to all enemies.

Blind or Fatigue enemies deal 80% less damage to City of Truro and his Allies.

• + Z Skill Power
• + Z Tenacity
• + Z Armor


[City of Truro and Gordon]
Description: Truro being new to the city was amazing by how many creatures where roaming around the city, he was so fascinated that he wanted to see more, so Sir Topham Hatt decided to offer Truro to double head the express with Gordon to see more of the world.

Disk Name: Domeless Incident
Disk Power:
• + Control Role ally gains X Max HP
• + Control Role ally gains X Armor
• + X Tenacity to City of Truro and his Allies
• + X Reality to City of Truro and his Allies

• City of Truro Basic Attack and "“Photography Shots” now deal Extra Damage to Blind and Fatigue enemies by 50%/60%/70%/80%/90%.

Allies: Kevin Flynn, Powerline, Cinderella

[City of Truro and Duck]
Description: On a peaceful day, Duck was taking some goods to the station, only to notice Truro idle in the siding. In surprise of seen Truro, Duck ask him about his day. Truro soon tell that he was posing for the Artist to paint him, Duck soon noticing the artist apologizing for interrupting, but the artist actually have a better idea and ask the crew to have Duck and Truro in the painting together.

Disk Name: The Western Fame
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP to City of Truro and his Allies
• + X Armor to City of Truro and his Allies
• + Damage Role enemies lose X Tenacity
• + Tank Role enemies lose X Reality

• Enemies affected by “Chatter Till The Night” are Silence for 8/10/12/14/16 seconds.

Allies: Sir Topham Hatt, Hector Barbossa, Milo Thatch


Sry to necromace this post, but how many pieces are needed to unlock a 4 star character?

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