City walk bundle question

I just saw they have a city watch bundle for two toons I would love to have although I spent my coins earlier only have 370 and plus the reset tomorrow I will one have 1370 you need 1500 for the bundle… Is there anyway to run two city watches in one day or get extra city watch coins?

This really sucks cause getting 30 chips each for both sheriff of Nottingham and Dr.Bunsen for 1500 watch coins is a great deal.

Is there anyway to get more coins?

There is a guild perk that allows you to store more city watch resets
If you have raid CW tickets, you can bank 2 CW resets and get about 1K CW tokens from each raid, that leaves you enough to buy it (if you don’t have tickets, doing it manually should work as well)

Assuming from your what your saying though, you probably don’t have it, and the only other way would be weekly challenger rewards, they have a chance of giving you a city watch reset ticket

[Sorry if I’m confusing you, lol]

Where is the city watch guild perk located to bank them?

I have no idea where it is, lol
I just know my guild got it for the city watch contest, so it’s there

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I have reset tickets but how do i bank them for coins?

Well, that’s not specifically what I meant, you can’t sell them for coins or anything

If you have the reset tickets, just use them and grind through city watches to get the required tokens, I suppose

I have city watch raid tickets not reset tickets how do I get city watch reset tickets?

You can also get city watch tokens from the Mega Mart

Thanks I think my mega mart is tomorrow hopefully in the morning and can try and reset hopefully get it to drop

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