City watch glitches

Been atleast for the last 7-9 days i have been unable to even complete 3 or 4 waves on normal now that im a little higher level but was able to beat every day when i was in the 30s now that im in the 60s i somehow get stuck facing lvl 70+ players when its on normal im afraid to even try hard because ill end up stuck facing lvl 80+ its really unfair cause only the higher tier/spending big players are the ones able to beat it and its starting to get tiresome ive messaged support finally got a response on it todau said there only fixing server 1s city watch

Difficulty setting has no effect on the level, rank, heroes, or anything about the enemies that you face. It only makes modifications to your own team to increase the challenge. The only difference in enemies comes at Super Hard & Epic level with the introduction of certain Wards.

If you’re struggling to progress in it, try playing on manual and keeping your heroes nicely charged & healed up - you get unlimited retries on every battle, so if it doesn’t go to plan, simply try it again!

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