City watch gold

For at least 4 days now i am only being rewarded the loot gold total and not the total listed under normal mode and/or hard mode total. What is going on. That is A LOT of gold to be fetting cheated out of. I have screenshots to prove this…

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Would you please post them?

It tells me i can’t put an image in a post

Try cropping the photo to make it smaller.

On the reward screen, the loot shows what gold you earned from this level. The mode total shows how much gold you’ve earned total from this City Watch. So in this screenshot, I earned 56,534 gold from this fight. Since I started this City Watch, I’ve earned 223,196 gold total. Does that clear it up?


You should be able to post images in 48 hours at the most after joining the forums, but I think it is closer to 24 hrs.

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Yes, however when i first started playing i was receiving both totals. So that was where i was confused. The first update i did it changed…i miss that glitch…lol

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