City watch in my opinion has kinda become worthless

In my opinion city watch has become worthless now, even at the highest level it still gives me 1.50 million gold (I could be wrong, a little more or less). I’ve seen arena and coliseum give somewhere around 80 million gold in the top ranks so they can clearly do better in that. And I heard the suggestion of saving city watch resets. Where am I going to get more even the mega mart doesn’t have those to buy. Just more gold in city watch would be nice since it’s just become something that is worse than surge or even port. (And arena and coliseum, not meant to earn much gold from it.) I only remember the tiny bit of value it has when I need to unlock someone’s red skill


It’s still useful for red skill chips, but all the other rewards from City Watch are years out of date, true. Hopefully this is something the team can look at with the hero releases reduced by roughly 2/3.


When you think about it the amount of gold CW gives is 1/100x of a surge district.
You can typically pass at least 30 times.
And about disk power, the amount is like 1/50 the rate which you get in Battle Pass… and the latter you get 5 times a month.

So at the end it’s a fraction of a fraction of the amount.

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