City watch overlevel glitch

Sometimes in watch, the teams I face are level 208. They are low badge level, but because they are high character level, all my skills fail. Doesn’t seem very fair. Think it will get patched?


I doubt that changing difficulty helps in this case. When facing teams with higher level, it’s easy to defeat them using skills that deal a lotof damage and never fail, like Merida’s white.

Considering the level cap is 140 on my server, a 60 level disparity is pretty impossible to overcome, even with large amounts of damage. (I do use merida) I can routinely beat city watch on super hard, except when I encounter a team like this. I’m not sure if it’s just part of the algorithm to level the enemy up until the power levels match, but it’s clearly a problem with the system.

Also, I encountered this same glitch on normal difficulty, didn’t screen shot it though.

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You can still upgrade different stuff

It is clearly a glitch. Look at the level next to the team: it says team level 108, yet all the toons are 208. Nothing I do will help me beat them. Match any level 60 against a level 120 and you will see what I mean. Skills and badges wont matter because the skills can only go up to 60 and the badges will be level locked as well.

I’m pretty sure it’s intentional, you might also be having difficulty because SP is reduced by 75% since that is the weekly ward.

Weekly ward was increased reality. Which is why I choose a physical damage heavy lineup with merida and Barbosa. The problem is that the study never hits because they are 70+ levels above me giving me an insanely low chance of hitting. I’ve been encountering it a lot more recently, so I am inclined to believe it is not a glitch, but I still think it’s a little unfair. Basically adding a second weekly ward making toons immune to disables. Idk what the chances per level is, but at 70 levels above its gotta be like a 10% chance or less to hit.

At 70 levels above I think it ends up being 70% chance for disable to not hit. If anything run a team that doesn’t use disables and just brute Force. duke, mer and peep are a good baseline

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