City Watch Overview

About the City Watch

Daily Tour

The Creeps never rest! Lead your heroes through 15 fights across 5 regions of the city each day to keep them in check.

Plan Ahead

Heroes retain their HP and energy from previous fights during a City Watch. But KO’ed heroes remain KO’ed until the Watch is reset.


Earn gold after every fight. Earn City Watch Tokens once per region (every 3 fights). Token rewards increase substantially as you progress; it’s worth getting to the end!

Hard Mode

Not for the Weak

Once you beat all 15 fights of the normal City Watch, you unlock the ability to do a hard one.

No Regen

In hard mode, your heroes’ HP and energy DON’T regenerate between fights.

Sweet Rewards

The effort is worth it! A hard City Watch awards 50% more gold along with Disk Power. Disk Power is key resource for upgrading your heroes’ Memory Disks (unlocked when heroes reach Purple rank).


Hire a Merc

Hire a strong mercenary from your guild to protect your heroes on their City Watch.

Heal and Tank

Make sure your team has a good healer (like Yax) whose healing skill is leveled up. Lead your team with a strong tank who will survive multiple battles.

Trial and Error

You don’t have to keep your battle results in City Watch. You can re-run the fight as many times as you need. Experiment with different hero combinations to find the best result.

Build Your Energy

Use a variety of heroes in the earlier fights to build their energy. Save that energy to trigger their skills in the later regions when things get tough.

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how many times can the reset for city watch stack? as I always try and complete as much as I can of it daily to avoid losing out on a reset

You can only keep one reset in reserve!

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Why does city watch keep getting harder the more I level up? I get my butt handed to me no matter how high I upgrade all of my characters. Sometimes I actually make it less far after I upgrade some of them. Its rediculous. Theres no possible way to level up high enough to even play on hard.

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Slow down with level up yourself to give some time to upgrade heroes.
PS. You answered your’s question in first sentence.

You can although just unequip your disks before resetting, it gets adjusted to your strongest 5 heroes


I’ve been wondering - where is the information that cw is based on your top 5 heroes? I kept leaving characters untouched to keep my overall power lower for cw…now I feel silly!

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Does city watch normal difficulty is based on my strongest character or my team level?

For me, that never worked, I unequiped all disks and Watch was still hard.

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