City watch reset item

I don’t know is anyone else experiencing this but every time I get City watch reset item as a weekly reward in challengers coliseum it doesn’t add extra city watch for me. When I sent a ticket for support they told me I don’t have guild perk for extra storage of city watch resets so I can’t have more. Which is really emmm stupid bc new day starts and I get reward city watch ticket and free daily reset.
Today I decided to receive reward before game resets in my time zone. Challengers reward arrives at 3am and game resets at I was up early for work today and received my reward and activated city watch before reset in a hope that new day starts and I get free City watch as well. But when later I finished CW that I started from reset item I had no additional free city watch reset.
So how I’m actually supposed to use my reward. It shouldn’t be accessible ONLY to players whose guilds unlock this city watch bank perk. Or my only fault is that I live in wrong time zone?

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In all honesty, City watch is one feature that needs a small revamp and the game modes clamping down to just 2.

In regards to the items, I didnt know that existed but would make sense

As far as i know, that reward is a raid ticket for City watch. There is a maximum of 20 per mode. If you have 20 yet, it won’t be added

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It’s not. It’s an additional city watch attempt.


It’s an extra attempt that doesn’t refresh, meaning that if you don’t use all of them above your storage cap (whether that is 1 or 2), plus an additional 1, you’re losing daily attempts. You need to use all of them up once collected on that same day, before the daily reset.

Yes, that’s stupid… I believe Polaris mentioned a while ago that the team were reviewing (or perhaps discussing) how to make it a storable item instead that could be used ad-hoc, which would obviously be better. :man_shrugging:


I understand but it literally means I have to use it between 3am(coli reward) and 5am(day restart) and today I did started city watch within this period but for some reason after reset my reset storage didn’t get free daily reset. so even under this stupid conditions it doesn’t work as it should

Why specifically these times?

Are you sure? The reset goes directly to your resets in CW

if the reward reset from challenger overflows the limit (ie. i have 1 reset left, my limit is 2, and i receive a reward reset taking my total to 2 when collected) - the game thinks my resets are full and doesn’t give me one at the 5am daily reset. Pooft, reward is gone :stuck_out_tongue:

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It isn’t an item but a raw resource that’s added to your total when you collect the rewards. Turning it into a consumable item that you can use when you want is on the list of quality of life improvements we’d like to do!


How about just revamping the city watch difficulties all together??? Should only be 2 :joy:

I think having 4 difficulties is fair, though I wish Easy were re-worked so that it actually would be easy for just about everyone.


I personally think its too much for the game at its current state. If it had 2 difficulties, it would still work out the same if PB rebalanced it.

Same gold, same chances on red chips, same keys etc

Thank you. At least you see the problem here. Not just dry answer from Support that I had reset full and free reset didn’t add to it bc I have no special guild perk… I was upset earlier but now, when Red hit our server, City Watch is the source of very valuable red skill chips and I feel awful about missing additional Raid

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