City Watch was fun 😂

City Watch is impossible even on easy, Yellow is way to fast… City Watch was fun to achieve, now it’s just reset passes and forgotten fighting.

This is something that I had been wanting to comment about. I also wonder why there are yellow opponents in easy difficulty. Yellow is not easy, I don’t even think that yellow should be in medium difficulty, maybe hard.

I also don’t think that red characters should even be in easy mode.


The problem I think comes in that City watch is based off your own heroes.
However, if you have 5 heroes at Yellow 0 and the rest all at White, City watch will assume you can fight 15 waves of Yellow 0 heroes on easy

Which 99.99999% of people won’t be able to do, because of heroes like Zeus, Angel, Ian, Tron, Shego, Ron etc.

So two options I would suggest:

The team need to set the difficulty of City watch to be for example:
Easy: Blue rank heroes levels at x below server level
Medium: Purple rank heroes at y below server level
Hard: red rank heroes at server level
Epic: yellow rank heroes at server level + x
Or whichever would be more possible for people to actually complete city watch

Second option is to introduce the power up system similar to friendship missions
However, this needs to be scaled so that players dont lose out on 7 days of city watch to be able to do 1 day

But… like a LOT of the modes in the game (heist, invasion, trials, ports), i dont think we will see a change soon, if ever - based on our experience as a player base that our feedback is not heard and actioned.

The problem with the first suggestion is that everything other than Epic then comes (even more) trivially easy for anyone at server cap, and as it stands Hard & Epic are both required on rotation.

(not that you actually need to fight them very often because of the raid system, but still)

Currently there’s no difference in the enemy heroes you’ll face between any of the difficulty modes - the differences are all in the buffs/debuffs applied as set out in the descriptions.

Also, how would you define ‘Red’ or ‘Yellow’? There’s many ranks between R0 and Y15.

If you’re facing Yellow enemies in CW, then that would indeed suggest you have Yellow heroes of your own, and if you level your team unevenly (ie. only work on 5) then yeah it will be hard. Try to keep at least another 10-15 in touch with your top 5 as this will give you plenty of options in CW.

And remember that if you lose, or heroes are defeated, you can retry as many times as you like until you get a good result.

If all else fails, hire someone’s strong Zeus off the merc board :man_shrugging: :laughing:

Yeah but why would you watse resets on easy and medium if youre able to do hard and epic?
You get more resources

So the only change would be that it is more accessible for lower level players, which correct me if I am wrong, is a good thing

Well red could be red 0 and yellow could be yellow 0
Or highest rank available
It was just a suggestion to bring my point across

Yeah true, you wouldn’t - I’ve got like hundreds of Easy & Medium raid tickets stocked up :joy:

Even low-level players, though, shouldn’t really be going anywhere near Easy or Medium once they’ve cleared up to Hard - with the way raid tickets work and the rewards available, it’s just not worth it and I think making them super easy might cause people to just be lazy and miss out on better rewards that -as it stands - are no more difficult to get.

Idk, I’ve been quick fighting CW in 2 minutes when required for as long as I can remember so it’s hard to know what it’s like. I do remember it being a bit of a struggle sometimes through the Blue-Purple ranks until I had a well-rounded roster available.

I think setting a hard rank cap might be somewhat of a challenge to develop, but they could probably quite easily reduce the target power scaling for Easy / Medium modes

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