Clearing reinfected areas

I always struggle clearing reinfected areas! I have a team with power of 1.6mill and struggle to clear chapter 11 reinfected areas! I need to clear areas to get badges for heroes but it’s proving impossible!


They should be fairly easy. Which enemies are you fighting against? And which heroes are you using?

I’m using Maleficent, Baymax, Morna, Violet and Bo Peep, the enemies I struggle against the most are usually bogo, Ralph and mr incredible

You need to work on stronger heroes. Like one-shotters or ones that deal constant damage, like Zurg or Mulan.


Also, what level/rank are your heroes, and what level/rank are the creeps in the infected area?

First of all, I am a guy. Second of all, please stop.


Ahh okay, will improve those heroes! Thank you!

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They are level 200 and red 4 or above my heroes

Or, cheaper option, buy the items that can raid infected areas

Glad you are here to provide advice

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Probably your best option for now, if you have time and a little stamina to spare, is to just keep attacking and failing; for every defeat (or retreat), the level of the enemies goes down by one, so eventually they’ll be weak enough to beat, even at R4. If you do see a diamond bundle for the antivirus items, you could buy some, but since PerBlue plans to stop making new reinfected areas with an upcoming patch (2.3, I think?), you probably won’t get to use many of them.

On the other hand, they usually cost 1.5 diamond a piece in bundles. So 200 anti-virus cost 300 diamonds and 300 do cost 450.

So you can buy these items without them being on the bundles? I.e they can be bought at any time?

Sadly no :confused:

Like what?


I don’t have any, and I can’t buy any either :joy: is there a team that you use that works quite well against reinfected areas?

Any team with Zurg (with decent leveled red skill)

Clearing reinfected areas can be a pain and take a long time. I remember having to try different combos of heroes many times to clear them.

And the good news is it seems like reinfected areas are going away in a future update!

So after a future update you won’t get any new reinfected areas. Good luck!

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