Coli question on victory requirements

Scenario 1: Team of Beast and 4 others vs team of Goofy, Hercules and 3 others. Everyone dies except beast who is in rage mode and he lasts until timer expires and other team has 2 toons. Victory.

Scenario 2: Team of Beast and Scrooge and 3 others vs team of Goofy, Hercules and 3 others. Scrooge and beast (in rage mode) are alive when timer expires vs Herc and Goofy. I lose.

What are the standards for getting victory in the above 2 scenarios? I don’t believe it’s health as Beast is usually near death but invincible. Scrooge was full health as he just hung back and let beast take the hits. So why did I lose in the second when at a stalemate yet win in the first at a disadvantage?

Thanks in advance.

I always thought it was based on damage dealt, at least that’s how it was for DS. Whichever team deals more (gross) damage gets the victory

In the event of a tie, the victory goes to the team with the overall highest total damage dealt. You can see the results in the battle summary after


Thank you. Makes sense.

I posted this a bit ago. Surviving a colesium fight by not dying. @Polaris said it was larger total health wins but based on testing that isnt accurate either.

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