Coliseum critique

I think it makes absolutely zero sense to have 3 teams where if you win two (2) but lose the last, you lose overall. Losing the first round and not being able to complete the final two makes no sense either.

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Well, you can also win without KO’ing all the enemy heroes, which makes things a bit easier.

Personally, I don’t mind the added challenge of having to win all three battles; after all, the other players have to beat all three of my lineups as well, and there’s an art to picking three defensive lineups with that victory condition in mind.

1 win without quick fight or bonus is 1k points

Sometimes I feel sick if I win 2 stage but lose to 3rd and get 0 point, like my effort is in vain

It should be give us a point from winning 2 stage, that is 2k without bonus and quick fight, instead of zero point

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