Coliseum team advice based on my heroes(new to game)


Tanks: Hades, Sally, Olaf, Ralph, Mr. Incredible, Baymax, Sulley, Bogo, Shank

Damage: Dash, Vanellope, Elastigirl, Stitch, Eve, Scar, Darkwing

Support: Yak, Mickey, Hopps, Miguel

Control: Frozone, Finnick, Ursula, Gaston


Idk how strong your heroes are, but I personally use Stitch, Scar, Moana, Jack Jack, and Violet. I also sometimes amuse Quorra. I’m working on Darkwing and Olaf since they seem OP.
I heard Mickey is good as well. So maybe Stitch, Scar, Darkwing, Olaf, and Mickey? But I would ask around more.


Oh wait this is colesium sorry. Um maybe you can do mr. incredible, dash, Miguel, frozone, and elastigirl?
And then vanelloppe, eve, finnick, hopps, and baymax? Idk tho


Actually funny thing about the Colosseum? You only need one really stromg team to stop from being invaded. Invading is anothwr story though…


sally isnt a tank btw


Yah she is…I am like 98% sure


I can assure you, Sally is a tank.


I use whatever heroes are the strongest


Stringest how though? Based of power? That sustem will egt you through the start of the game and it is a decent basis later on but that doesnt mean you should completely rely on it.