Collector Likely Hero Concept

Collector Hero Concept


Description: The Collector, a supernatural being from the stars, is ready to battle the Creeps with extraordinary powers!

Role - Control
Team - Blue
Position - Back
Quote - “I’M FREE! I’M FREE! Oh this is the goodest I felt in forever and ever!”

Entrance - The Collector rides onto the battlefield on a star and climbs off.
Victory - The Collector floats in the air, clapping as he laughs.
Defeat - The Collector folds his arms and pouts.

Basic Attack - Light “Glyph”
The Collector shoots light at enemies.
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

White Skill - Star Shower
Giant stars fall from the sky to deal X AoE damage and stun enemies for 5.0 seconds.
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

Green Skill - Puppet Master
The Collector summons puppets that distract the enemy. The Collector can summon up to three puppets. (These puppets do not fight, but distract all enemies until the puppets are defeated.)

Blue Skill - Dream Maker
The Collector puts an enemy to sleep for 15.0 seconds and deals X damage overtime during this.

Purple Skill - Fun and Games
The Collector’s puppets now can hit enemies that get close to them, dealing X damage, and have a 30% chance of stunning an enemy every three hits.

Red Skill - Playtime
Star Shower now blinds one enemy that was hit for 10.0 seconds and Dream Maker can put two enemies to sleep.
Extra Boosts:

  • +X Attack Speed
  • +Y Skill Power
  • +Z Max HP

Friendship #1 - Collector/Jack-Jack
Disk Name: Powerful Playtime
Campaign Name: Playing Pretend
Summary: Jack Jack and the Collector play pretend, but their powers start creating problems for other people.
Allies: Woody, Mrs. Incredible, Luz Noceda
Stat Boosts: +X Hardy, Armor, Bonus Fantastic Damage for Star Shower.
Star Effect: Dream Maker now deals X damage overtime and Collector can summon four puppets when this skill is fully upgraded.

Friendship #2 - Collector/Huey, Dewey, & Louie
Disk Name: Playtime Pranks
Campaign Name: Prank Time
Summary: The Collector helps Huey, Dewey, and Louie with pranks.
Allies: Quackerjack, Dante, Scrooge McDuck
Stat Boosts: +X Reality, Skill Power, Max HP
Star Effect: Puppets from Puppet Master can now has a 50% chance to stun an enemy and can do so every two hits. The puppets’ hits also can now do ranged attacks that deal X damage (but do not stun).

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