Colloseum Challenge


Can anyone tell me exactly what power is calculated? It says his 15 heroes must be 3k higher than yours but it didn’t count. So I am curious exactly what power(yours) is calculated.


It SHOULD be just your 15 vs their 15, but not sure…

Either way, I’d consider this the hardest challenge they’ve done, beating an arena team with more power than you, easy… Beating what is essentially 3 different arena teams while trying to effectively counter them all differently and be lower in power than them, not so easy… Sometimes you only have one character that can effectively counter two or more of theirs, but they are on different rows in the defensive line… It’s hard enough to beat three rows when you’ve got more power than them sometimes…


It has to be your power, 3000 lower than the other you gonna fight, and it’s hard, cause you have to combinate 3 differents teams, you can put 1000 lower on each team or equal 2 teams power and the last one 3000 lower


Go to this link for the upcoming and current Challenges. It’s a detailed procedure and tips on how to beat it.

A Guide to Challenges (WIP)


In the platinum 1 league its impossible to beat ur higher opponent. So not worried about this challenge…:laughing:


Yeah. Same here. That “wait it out” tactic? Won’t work in Plat I and Challengers.