Coming in 2024

We all know Elemental comes out in next summer and Lost World comes out in November but in 2024 two new Pixar movies and a Disney movie is coming out the two Pixar Movies is Elio and Inside Out 2 and then the Disney movie is Wish (Which I believe the main Characters Asha would probably be the newest Disney Princess) what are your thought?

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Inside Out 2 is such an inspired name I don’t know how they came up with it

Elio reminds me of Queen of Mars from Phineas and Ferb.

I didn’t see much from Wish.

I saw something about a Nigerian girl and a lizard

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I’ll watch it and it comes out next year and By the way, I’m Nigerian

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Hope new characters from Inside Out 2 (2024) are joining this game in the future.

Hercules Live Action: 2023

Live Action Snow White: 2024

Hecka excited for both of these.

Also, heard Ariana Grande’s playing Megara. I can’t wait :smiley:

I’m excited for inside out 2 Amy poehler announce that

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I think Riley’s gonna be 21 in the sequel

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Teenager, not an adult.


I feel like the new emotions will be love or something like that

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There are other part of the mind other than emotion you know. They could more character out of other aspects of the mind like conscience (maybe make him a nod of Jiminy Cricket), ego, and instinct. And for the villain I’m thinking something that has to do with the id.

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Disenchanted comes out on November 24, aka the sequel to Enchanted.

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There is a good movie coming out next year 2023 it’s called Wish

How do you know it’s good?

Because it was announce last Friday

And that automatically means it’s good?
We got some loose details and a single piece of concept art. I don’t think it’s fair to judge off of that.

When Luca was announced forever ago they completely left out the whole sea monster thing and when that eventually got leaked or revealed (I forget which) it changed what I was expecting.

I think you’re right, but may I remind you that they are bringing back watercolor?

(Although tbh, Asha looks like Isabela)

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That doesn’t make it good.

I’ve yet to see things for everything but Lost World and Elemental. Characters from those movies as heroes would be really cool in my opinion. I hope they get added once their films release.

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Isabella was designed before Asha. So no.

Stop reviewing dead topics :roll_eyes::unamused:

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