Compensation for increasing bugs?

Just want to thank you in first place for listening to your playerbase about bugs, glitches etc.

But from my point of view we have a serious increase in dealing with bugs, game modes not working, changes nobody has asked for and haven’t improved our gameplay like you want them to at all. Especially when it comes to widgets we need to use on a daily basis. It’s just annyoing. You make new solo deals, let us beta test things before you let them be used from a developer…

After all you really should see things from our perspective. Everyone in my guild asked after that we should have got a compensation, for delay, not working modes and so on.
We have to deal with not working improvements you throw at us , often causing more problems than there were before.
All we want is to get you into giving us compensations if there should be some game issues. We are paying for this so please give us free items, like trial/port resetters or mission speed ups, to please the player base having to deal with frequently added creepers. This should be normal anyway.

What you think about this @polaris ?

I myself don’t believe we need it. We chose to play the game. Games have bugs and dont require them to give compensation for the aforementioned issue. If they decide to, that’s fine; however, i don’t believe its needed.

There will be always some bugs. No compensation needed.

Then there should be a decreased release of new promotion ranks and level caps to have time to fix current bugs and not to create some new with new content

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