Concept 1 sorry I couldn’t fit just concept 1


:star2: :star2: :star2: damage , red team quote: “Nope, we’re all our own snowflakes.”

Entrance: the triplets get on top of each other, forming a totem pole.

Defeat: They fall down, get up and walk off the screen

Victory: They get down and run away, preparing far a dart gun game.

Idle: The trio (as a totem pole like always) starts wobbling a little.

Basic attack punches enemies

White: all tied up, Huey throws rope at enemies dealing 406 damage and stunning them for 9 seconds.

Green: Child’s play, The triplets each get a dart gun, and shoot all enemies.

Blue: friend of the shadows, Lina comes (if friendship unlocked)(sorry for spoiling the next concept) and awakens the shadow monster in her necklace, scaring enemies for 10 seconds.

Purple: Backup, When the triplets reach 0 hp, Scrooge revives them for 50% of their HP.

Friend disk:
Darkwing: Spin Off, Backup also heals other allies for 50% of their hp

That was my first hero concept. I hope you like it! :laughing:


That’s Damage, Other Than That, Nice!

I already said this earlier today, but a purple skill cannot have its own animation and if it does it must be either start of combat(like Aladdin), on death(like hades or Judy), or reuse the basic attack animation(like buzz and violet).

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  • Change the quote
  • They can be on their own
  • Change the White Skill
  • Other

Overall score… 4/10

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I made improvements on this concept, and I know that Scrooge and Lina can be separate heroes

And I meant that HUEY throws the rope :expressionless:

NOW it’s good.

It is not good at all. Lena isn’t even part of the triplets. It is only Huey, Dewey, and Louie

They’re friends though

That does not mean anything!

Hate to be ride here, but this concept is terrible. Watch DuckTales, see other people’s concepts and see what you can learn from them

The triplets can actually be separate heroes

Ok… so you hate this concept. But if you want to get satisfied, you can just mess with discobot :unamused:

Seriously the concept was better before it was edited. I give it a 0.1/10

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