[Concept] Aslan



Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Support
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: Aslan walks into battle and roars before a battle begins.
Victory: Aslan touch ground with his paw, after it green grass and flowers appear around him.
Defeat: Aslan falls on the ground.

Quote: "Things never happen the same way twice.’’

Basic attack: Aslan scratches closest enemies to him.

White skill: Roar of Majestic Lion :sparkles:(fantastic damage)
Aslan roars, dealing X damage to all enemies, silencing them for 10 seconds and stealing all buffs from them.
Each defeated enemy creates a small explode which deal X damage in the area and knocks back enemies infected by it from the epicentre of the explosion.

Green skill: Breath of Majestic Lion
Aslan’s breath heals allies for X HP and grants them invincibility for 5 seconds.

Blue skill: Strength of Majestic Lion
Aslan begins each battle Berserk which lasts until an ally gets KO’ed by an enemy.
Once per wave when Aslan reaches 0 HP, he revives himself with full HP and comes back to battle.

Revived Aslan doesn’t gain Berserk but instead, his basic damage is increased by X and his tenacity is increased by 100 for the remainder of a wave.

While Berserk Aslan’s speed attack is increased by 120% and his attacks have 30% life steal.
If Aslan fights solo he receive Berserk only for first 5 seconds.

Purple skill: Kindness of Majestic Lion
Once per wave Aslan revive most recent KO’ed ally with 80% of Aslan’s max. HP and additional X basic damage as a bonus to their normal stats.

Red skill: All-powerful Majestic Lion
Aslan on Berserk increases allies’ basic damage by X and skill power by X every 3 basic attacks for the remainder of a wave.

After revive Aslan increases allies’ armor by X and reality by X every 3 basic attacks for the remainder of a wave.

Aslan gains X armor per each active buff on himself.

The bonuses on Berserk and after reviving for allies have a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:



Simba & Nala - Royal Training


Berserk after revive

  • +X HP
  • +X armor
  • Aslan after reviving gains Berserk for 1.5 seconds (+1.5s per star); Aslan still keeps his bonuses from reviving

Elsa - Nice Cold


Gradually increasing buff

  • +X HP
  • +X BD
  • Allies’ skill power is increased by 1% every 2 seconds (+1% per star)
  • Allies’ fantastic crit is increased by 1 every 3 seconds (+1 per star)

What happens if he enters combat solo?


He doesn’t have berserk because no ally is on battle. :slight_smile:

Edited: Berserk will last only for first 5 seconds.


This concept sure is majestic.

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