Concept character: Cricket Green (Big City Greens)

Description: A greedy man, but he is a hero, and he is very helpful. He even met a jogger and he rejected a handshake!
Quote: “Bingo Bango.”
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack: Rushes to the opponent and punches him/her.
Intro: Gun fingers and springs into action.
Outro: Cricket cheers.


White skill: Space Chicken
Launching a chicken into outer space.
Green skill: Tilly!
Summons Tilly and all the pets from the big city/country.
Blue skill: Blego Block
The opponent steps on a Blego Block, then Cricket punches him/her.
Purple skill: Burger Clown
Eating a Burger Clown meal.
Yellow skill: Kite Formation
Does a thrash with his kite.
Crushing the opponent like a wrecking ball.


Huey, Dewey and Louie

Disk Name: “Trouble With Love”
Disk Effect: Space Chicken gives more damage.

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