[Concept] Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

Stars at the beginning: :star2:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Homer walks into battle while eating a donut.
Victory: Homer with excitement raises both hands.
Defeat: Homer hits his forehead.

Quote: ‘‘Mmm… donuts…’’

Basic attack: Homer throws a donut to furthest enemy dealing damage

White skill: Run for the donuts :fist:(normal damage)
Passive: Each time Homer throws a donut to an enemy it then lands on the ground and staying for Homer to eat them when using [Run for the donuts].

Active: Homer runs to his donuts, charges through enemies dealing X damage to any enemy passed.
Homer gains X HP and 1 second of invincibility per each collected donut.

Green skill: A box of donuts
Homer eats a box with donuts, healing himself for X HP and increasing his armor by X for the remainder of the wave.

Blue skill: Belly protection
Every time Homer uses [Run for the donuts] his armor and reality increase by X and his max. HP increase by X for the remainder of the wave.

Purple skill: Donut time
Every 3rd Homer’s basic attack, instead of throwing donut at the enemy he eats it and healing himself for X HP and 200 energy.

Red skill: A love of donuts
Homer’s basic attacks reduce enemy’s attack and movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

[Run for the donuts] additionally steals all hardy stacks from enemies, then knock back enemies and stun them for 6 seconds.

Stealing hardy stacks have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X armor
+X HP to [Belly protection]


Ralph - Fixing the City


Sharing armor and reality with allies

  • +X BD
  • +X armor
  • +X reality
  • Homer shares 20% of his armor and reality with allies (+20% per star)

Linguini & Remy - A world’s biggest donut!


’‘Donut time’’ heals allies

  • +X HP
  • +X armor
  • [Donut time] heals all allies by 25% of what Homer was healed (+25% per star)
  • [Donut time] grants Homer invincibility for 0.3 seconds (+0.3s per star)

Nice concept


Man! This concept is so good, it’s making me crave donuts!


This concept is as sweet as the donuts homer eats!

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Maybe this should be “Homer’s every 3rd basic attack”

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Like i said on another Simpson concept, i don’t watch the Simpsons but this concept is good.


None. He is not in the game.

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Ok gotcha, Thank you!

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Your welcome.

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: this makes me want donuts

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Very few disks have more than one variable let alone three.

Uh, what?
Many disk have 2 bonuses, and at least 10 disks have 3 bonuses scaled by disk power.

Like what?

Just check wakkatu or disks in game.

And for future, before making complaint check if your statement is true.

Nvm. There were only 2 that I was previously aware of but given the the proportion you don’t need to always include disks with 2-3 variables. Common sense would tell you that much.

2 bonuses disks is common thing now.

And maybe I want to make even 5, that’s only my decision.

It’s clearly a gif.

That’s a different flag and also asking why posts were flagged isn’t off topic.

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Cool! DOH!

Good concept

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