[Concept] Marge & Maggie Simpsons

Crap isn’t a bad word.


The Truth

It’s Great

I never said BFB was bad.

Please stay on topic people!


Ok, I am so sorry Polaris…

Thanks for the reminder to the spammer Polaris!

But you were off topic.

No they aren’t Disney.

I’m not gonna argue the answer is No

They aren’t coming to the game and that is final


And this concept may close now

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Not close but it can go back to being dead now.

It’s possible, but as Polaris(?) stated before PB already have 2020 all planned for hero releases and at that time Fox wasn’t planned.
So, Simpsons won’t come any sooner than 2021 (if later, or never). It’s in same level as Muppets but have at least chance, not like Marvel/SW, most likely because other game developers have rights for them, and if DHBM would have everything others could be in pain.

Because? :roll_eyes:


I thought green four would go on and on with faulty reasoning

Don’t give him any ideas.

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