[Concept] Marge & Maggie Simpsons

Marge & Maggie concept

Stars at beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Marge holding Maggie walks into battle.
Victory: Marge hugs Maggie which puts her pacifier into Marge’s mouth. Marge makes a confused face while Maggie giggles.
Defeat: Both make angry face expression, Maggie spits out her pacifier which falls next to Marge’s feet.

Quote: “Now it’s Marge’s time to shine!”

Basic attack: Marge throws burned dish to the closest enemy.

White skill: Large blue hair :fist:(normal damage)
Marge tosses her large hairstyle damaging closest enemies to her, dealing X damage, reduce their attack and movement speed by 70% for 12 seconds and saps them for 8 seconds.

The slow has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green skill: It’s sleep time :shield:(true damage)
Maggie spits out her pacifier to an enemy with the highest energy, dealing X damage, stealing all of their energy, stunning for 10 seconds and saps the target for 20 seconds.
This does 15% more damage for every 100 energy which the enemy had.

Blue skill: Maternal instinct
Marge redirects 20% of all damage dealt to allies to herself.
Marge regenerates 1% of her max HP per ally on the battlefield including charmed enemies every 2 seconds.

Marge & Maggie and allies receive X reality

Purple skill: A cute baby
Maggie charms random enemy for 10 seconds every 7 seconds. The charmed enemy gains X basic damage.
While charmed, enemy removes from other enemies 50 energy per hit.

Red skill: Just a Marge
All enemies are silenced in the first 10 seconds of each wave.
While an enemy is silenced by any source their basic damage is decreased by X.

Marge & Maggie takes 12% less damage per each sapped enemy.

The silence lasts only for 4 seconds and the damage reduction is less effective against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X damage to [It’s sleep time]


Elastigirl - A typical day of a mother


Basic attacks deal damage over time

  • +X BD
  • +X SP
  • Marge & Maggie’s basic attack deal additional X damage over 5 seconds
  • Enemies’ armor is decreased by 15% while taking damage over time (+15% per star)

Miss Piggy - Shopping fever


Stronger saps

  • +X HP
  • Sapped enemies lose X basic damage
  • Sapped enemies have all energy gained reduced by an additional 5% (+5% per star)
  • Saps last longer by 10% (+10% per star)

Cool! I don’t watch the Simpsons but this is really good!


@Musketeer you should make a kim possible concept.

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Pretty sure PB already have one.

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I think they are still stuck with a design even though they can use this design.

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Something we can agree on? What a nice little surprise.

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That’s your fault

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Go to Discobot Fun and ask Discobot to quote something to give you positivity.

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This is a great concept it does not deserve to be closed, red gelatin wants it closed due to him being off topic and spamming

But let’s continue talking about the concept and stay on topic. It’s good :+1:


Good job! I’m gonna need help on my first concept.

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