[Concept] Sid from Ice Age



Stars at beginning: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Back
Team: Red

Basic attack: Sid throws to nearby enemy a small rock.


White skill: Snowball effect :sparkles:
Sid throws a snowball to closest enemy, dealing damage and freezing them for 10 seconds, with chance of 30% snowball will bounce to a nearby enemy also dealing damage and freezing for 5 seconds.
Snowball can bounce up to 5 times.

Green skill: Broccoli dance

Sid dances with two broccoli, increasing allies speed attack by 100% for 10 seconds and immediately healing allies for X HP.

Blue skill: Sloth on the run :fist:
Sid run forward to enemies, dealing damage, knocking them backwards and stunning for 5 seconds.

Purple skill: Guardian of the herd
During each basic attack Sid removes from an ally all negative effects and healing them by 5% of their max HP.
Sid only heals ally if had less than 50% max HP.

Red skill: Ice Age sloth
Damaged enemies by Sid during [Sloth on the run] loses X armor.
Each time Sid heals an ally by any skill he also gives that ally one stack of ‘‘Hardy’’.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • X basic damage
  • X max HP
  • [Broccoli dance] heals X more HP


Olaf - The very old snow

Story: Coming soon


Freeze on basic attacks

  • Extra skill power
  • Each basic attack freeze enemy for 1 second (+1s per star)
  • After ‘‘defrost’’ (so when freeze ends on enemy) enemies have their movement speed and their attack speed reduced by 10% (+10% per star) for 10 seconds.

Yax - New Yoga lessons

Story: Coming soon


Calming down enemies on beginning of battle

  • Extra HP to allies
  • Extra reality to allies
  • At beginning of battle enemy’s speed attack is reduced by 15% (+15% per star) for 5 seconds
  • At beginning of battle enemy’s basic damage and skill power are reduced by 12% (+12% per star) for 10 seconds

That’s an unlikely character.

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Disney owns Ice Age(movie).

WRONG!!! Blue Sky Studios owns Ice Age & they were a former Disney company that is now owned by Disney. Ice Age is a Blue Sky franchise, not a Disney one.

Damn that’s crazy! I didn’t know that.

Now that the Walt Disney Corporation aquired FOX it is a possibility.

Actually @SorcerorMickey is correct, it is possible just unlikely

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Well yeah it is possible

But I don’t think its gonna happen


Like they said in the Q and A, it’s not impossible but it’s just hard to put characters from Star Wars, marvel, or fox

I love this concept :+1:

I heard this rule on the forums about not reviving dead topics…

No reviving dead topics.

Thank you for Mentioning my concept

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nice concept, it’s very unlikely but a fun idea, i think instead of yax as a friend you should put flash because they are both sloths. also some of his attacks/skills are crazy insane op you might wanna make him a little less insane and overpowered lol but overall a very nice concept

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Plz dont revive dead topics

Please, don’t revive dead topics.

Ok, noted,

What does that mean?

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