Cars mater and lightning McQueen concept

“Speed I am speed”

Bio piston cup champ and rusty tow truck they truly beat enemies up

Stars 1

Role frontline damage

Trial team red

Entrance lightning and McQueen drive into the battlefield
Victory McQueen flashes his lights like when he kachows

Defeat mater tows McQueen and himself away
Basic attack see skill 1

White skill tall tales

Passive tow mater pulls the backmost enemy to melee range then McQueen rams into the enemy dealing x basic normal damage to that enemy for 10 seconds then mater let’s the enemy go and picks the same enemy or a random enemy

Active mater tells a tall tale activating a random effect and transforming them for 6 seconds

Mater the greater : mater watches McQueen while his rockets are tied and McQueen does x fantastic damage to all enemies by ramming into enemies repeatedly this deals 20% more damage per time an enemy gained or loses scared

El materdor: bulldozers see mcqueens red color and ram into all enemies stunning them for 6 seconds

Tokyo mater lightning dragon McQueen does a fireball dealing x true damage for 10 seconds to enemies

Heavy metal mater lightning McQueen and mater jam out increasing allies attack speed by 100% and their basic damage by x

Green skill disguise time mater uses his spy disguise skills to become a Dracula scaring all enemies for 10 seconds
The scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill I am speed

Lightning McQueen races into enemies dealing x normal damage 5 times their is a 50% chance that the cool down of this skill will be reduced to 0 when this skill is finished lightning McQueen and mater gain x skill power for the rest of the wave

Purple skill piston cup champ

When lightning McQueen and mater use tall tales on a scared enemy all enemies armor is reduced by x and are scared for 3 seconds longer

The armor reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level s

Red skill dad gum

Lightning McQueen and mater gain 4% attack speed maxed out at 120% for the rest of the battle when an enemy loses scared

Tokyo mater and heavy metal mater now hex enemies for 10 seconds

The hex has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with kida

Mater and McQueen never met an ampromorphic being before so time to learn

Disk is called what is arms and legs

Scared enemies are sapped for 15 seconds

Friendship with bolt ( who is coming in the game not a concept on September 9th)

Mater wants to learn how to do a super bark

Disk is called honking barkin horn

Mater and McQueen start with a shield with x hp.

Classification all about chance of white skill and scarer watch out sulley Zurg and lilo there is another scarer


lighting and mater work better as separate characters

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Please understand as a duo more tall ta,es

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you mean tall tales

both mater and mcqueen both have own abilities and now sure how both would fit screen together if theyre duo

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It is like sim a and nala also they are half as tall and wide

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sim a you mean simba

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