[Concept] Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob


Stars at beginning: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Sideshow Bob runs from left side to his battle position, then takes off his prisoner clothes, leaving him in normal clothes as in the picture above.
Victory: Sideshow Bob laughs.
Defeat: Sideshow Bob throws his knife which land on his foot, then he jumps on one leg.

Quote: ‘’“Attempted murder?” Now really, what is that? Do they give a Nobel Prize for “attempted chemistry”?’’

Basic attack: Sideshow Bob stabs his knife on the closest enemy.

White skill: Not Evil Anymore :fist:(normal damage)
Sideshow Bob transforms his clothes to formal clothes, then sneaks to the furthest enemy, stabs back of the enemy, dealing X damage, and reducing X armor on them for the remainder of the wave, stacking with each use.
Sideshow Bob is untargetable while using this skill.

Green skill: The Will of Revenge :fist:(normal damage)
Sideshow Bob using knife stabs 5 times the nearest enemies dealing X damage with each stab.

Blue skill: A Blood Thirsty Move :fist:(normal damage)
Sideshow Bob dodges a melee attack every 6 seconds and then counter attacks dealing X damage and stuns the target for 10 seconds.

Purple skill: Very Sharp Knife :fist:(normal damage)
Sideshow Bob’s basic attacks, ‘‘Not Evil Anymore’’, ‘‘The Will of Revenge’’ and ‘‘A Blood Thirsty Move’’ deal additionally X damage over 10 seconds.
This damage is doubled on stunned enemies.

Red skill: Scary appearance :shield:(true damage)
All enemies are scared for the first 10 seconds of battle and studied for the first 8 seconds of battle.
‘‘Not Evil Anymore’’ now reduces armor on all enemies.

Sideshow Bob’s basic attacks and ‘‘Not Evil Anymore’’ have a 50% chance to immediately KO enemy below 50% HP.

A probability of immediately KO’ing enemies is reduced against enemies above level X.


Randall Boggs - Sneaky and Scary


Invisible at beginning of battle

  • +X BD
  • +X SP
  • Sideshow Bob is invisible for first 1.5 seconds of each wave (+1.5 seconds per star)
  • While Sideshow Bob is invisible he ignores 20% of enemy’s armor (+20% per star)

Magica De Spell - Robert and Magica against Simpsons and a Duck Family


Skills apply debuffs on enemies

  • +X BD
  • +X true damage to ‘‘A Blood Thirsty Move’’
  • Each of Sideshow Bob’s skill have a 10% chance to apply stun, 15% chance to apply curse and 20% chance to apply a 40% slow (+10%, +15% and +20% per star).
    Stun lasts for 5 seconds, curse for 8 seconds and slow for 10 seconds.

I LOVE Sideshow Bob, and this concept! 10/10!

Nice. Now Bart is going to be extra afraid of him.

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