[Concept] Toaster

Toaster concept


Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team: Blue

Entrance: Toaster jumps into his position.
Victory: Smiling, Toaster continuously jumps in the place.
Defeat: Toaster’s face disappears, imitating as a normal toaster, and then falls on the back.

Quote: ‘‘Hey, I know! Let’s play a game!’’

Basic attack: Toaster shots one toast at the closest enemy.

White skill: Want a Toast? :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Toaster rapidly shots 10 toasts from him, each toast lands on a random enemy which then receive X damage and receives a 4 second stun per received toast.

If an enemy had or successfully receive stun from any source the damage of the next toast increases by 20%.

Green skill: Reflective Surface
Toaster reflects back a projectile that would pass him once every 4 seconds, Toaster also grants himself a shield which has HP equal to 200% of the reflected damage back to the enemies; shield lasts for 7 seconds.

The shield has a chance to fail if Toaster is above level X.

Blue skill: Toasted :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Toaster shots a toast at the furthest enemy, removing all buffs, applies 2 stacks of fatigue and dealing X damage to them.

Purple skill: Burned Toasts :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
All toasts from basic attacks, ‘‘Want a Toast?’’ and ‘‘Toasted’’ now additionally deals X burning damage over 10 seconds.

Toaster deals 100% more damage to the enemies with burning damage on them, ‘‘Toasted’’ additionally stuns enemy with burning damage for 15 seconds.

The increased damage has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red skill: Appliance For The Assist
Toaster once every 3 seconds fully heals an ally without any buffs and additionally increasing their armor by 300% for 6 seconds.

All Skill Power buffs and passives are 50% more effective. Skill Power buffs last 5 seconds longer on Toaster and allies.

The heal has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X damage to ‘’Want a Toast?’’


Linguini & Remy - French Toasts


More Fatigue

  • +X XP
  • +X reality to Toaster and allies with hardy stack(s)
  • ‘‘Toasted’’ applies 1 more stack of Fatigue; all other enemies receive additionally half of the number of applied Fatigue stacks which received the enemy (+1 applied stack of Fatigue)

WALL-E - Find and Repair


’‘Reflective Surface’’ shields allies

  • +X SP to Toaster and allies
  • Enemies have decreased X basic damage for the first 10 seconds of each wave
  • ‘‘Reflective Surface’’ also grants shield to allies with 20% of the HP (+20% per star)
  • +30% HP to shield from ‘‘Reflective Surface’’ (+30% per star)

This makes me wanna eat toast now


This hero would be OP and would need a nerf. For a damage hero to only have 2 attacks is unheard of. I woukd suggest scrapping the 100% damage increase from purple skill, and reflective surface would need to reflect back once every 14 seconds. Having him as OP as you have him would be an instant Randall situation. This simple nerf would put him more on track to be utilized and defeated


You assume this from—?
Literally, nowhere here are listed his stats, you don’t know how much HP it has, or if it has any negation or tenacity/evasion, and this matters most. Look at Basil, he have none of it and is currently the worst character added in 2020, then look at Mulan or Cheshire.

Stuns and DOT damage are easy to avoid, nothing here is that broken, and 100% bonus damage, Queen have almost 700%.
Reflects, there isn’t that much projectiles, plus it must hit him to work.


I feel the fact that all but one of his moves are shooting toast at people is a little underwhelming. I get it, he’s a toaster, what else can he do, but I guess it kind of annoys me when a character has a move that’s effectively the same thing visually and physically as another move (or their basic attack) yet does completely different things. What is so different about the toast he shoots for his “Toasted” move that it deals a different damage type, removes buffs and applies fatigue? Does he do anything different when he fires this magical buff-removing fatigue-inducing toast?

(Also, does fatigued even make sense here? Does being hit by flying toast really tire you out? Wouldn’t, I don’t know, a burning effect or something make more sense?)

Admittedly even actual characters in the real game are guilty of this on occasion (why do Nick’s Pawpsicles do normal damage individually but fantastic damage when he throws a bunch at once? They’re the same pawpsicles), but even so

Basically I think this concept has a lot of thought put into it from a gameplay mechanical standpoint but doesn’t make a lot of sense for what the character is doing.

I do like the reflective surface effect though. It’s fun


But can he beat Ralph tho?

Everyone can beat Ralph, he’s soooo weak.

It was a joke, yeesh

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Also as someone who’s focused on him so much he times out like almost everyone I’ve put him up against lol

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