Concepts for concept makers

Here are some concept ideas for people who actually know what they are doing.

Riley (inside out)
Fire Spirit (FROZEN 2).

Maybe you could try to do it instead. You clearly have an interest in concept making, and there are many people willing to help you get started and improve.

This seems a little rude.


How is it rude, and no I can’t do itm😔

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How is it not rude

I’m saying cuz u guys know what u r doing

Is is just not kind to SOME people.

You do not know until you have tried!


That i do, but I have 0 creativity

Look, I’m better off watching u guys do it, it’s no job for a 13 yr old

I’m 13 years old

What helps me is setting up a concept and coming up with the role and position. Afterwards, I make the skill names and that helps tell me what the skills should do.

Well there are 13 yr old concept makers here! They do a really great job actually!


U have creativity buddy, I don’t

Look, it’s better off if I’m a backline not a frontline

You do not know until you have tried! Everyone is creative in their own way, even you!

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I can’t come up with the skill names, just do what u do and I’ll watch from behind!

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All you have to do is make it something they do or say. Like Ian with Boombastia or Mushu with Ring The Gong

I can’t do it, I’m just watch u pros do it

You don’t you can’t until you try

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I have GRIM, and I can’t

Really, I don’t see any concepts you’ve posted based on your profile. Whenever you do, ask for feedback. No one is perfect, and we can all improve!

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